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Work with Bríd Virtually

My virtual resourcing and supportive sessions are a combination of tools from my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy practice, Somatic Experiencing therapy training and meditation.

What does a virtual resourcing session look like?

A virtual resourcing session lasts an hour and takes place over Zoom, Facetime or the phone.

We start the session by doing a brief verbal and somatic check-in to see how you’re doing and what your intentions are for the session. 

Then, you can lay down somewhere, preferably quiet, and comfortable, as if you were on a massage table. I will begin the session by guiding you through a body scan, helping you into a more relaxed state in your nervous system. 

   I may inquire and check-in with you during the session and use invitational verbal skills to support body-based inquiry and felt sense embodiment. The session may feel meditative to you but you may also feel movements and activations within your body as the nervous system calming down can result in greater self-awareness and deeper rest and relaxation.

What can virtual sessions help with?

Virtual work gives us the possibility to look at old physical, emotional and deep-rooted patterns with new eyes.

We have the opportunity to work on physical ailments just as you may seek craniosacral bodywork.

 Like in-person sessions, we also have the ability to work with your nervous system as a whole through somatic body-based inquiry. 

Old emotional patterns that can be contributing to physical symptoms can arise in your awareness with the chance to resolve.

Like in-person sessions, we can work on specific personal trauma, collective trauma, or somewhere in between. 

I utilize Somatic Experiencing techniques to build internal resources for you while we work through the areas of your personal growth.

  • Build a meditative practice

  • Live more in the moment 

  • Be more present

  • Develop emotional maturity

  • Discover your internal resources

  • Identify and release old patterns

  • Connect more with oneself through grounding and nature

How much do distance sessions cost?

Distance sessions cost $125 paid in full before the session by credit card or Venmo. 
Sessions last 60 minutes.

How do I book a Session?

You can also call 805-701-7799 or email

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